Vision: The source for information and referral for business people and their families in Klaipeda Region. 

About KIBC:  KIBC is a place where you will meet international and local people from all ages and backgrounds. Here, you will be able to make local business and personal connections. 

KIBC Mission: To sustain a members-only community of open-minded individuals and business owners who share common local and international business experiences.   

What we do:  Members of KIBC are involved with:   

    • Local and multinational business network (meet CEOs and head of departments).   
    • Local authorities network (opportunity to meet Klaipeda’s Mayor and other political leaders).   
    • Social network (our summer BBQ and Christmas Dinner are simply unmissable events).  
    • Charity  (embrace and support local charity projects).  

Want to know more? 

    • Learn the local know-how:  At KIBC you will meet knowledgeable locals whilst connect with international people.   
    • Keep in touch: Network and socialize with our members face to face at Klaipėda ‘s top venues.  
    • Feeling lonely? Here you will be able to keep in touch with people who share common interests and hobbies.  
    • Improve your foreign language? Our members speak Lithuanian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese many more languages.  
    • No app required! Give a little back and help to make a difference to your local community.  

Food and Drinks : Excellent food & drink is part of the Club’s DNA. Pairing with the highest standards of Radisson Blu hotels; KIBC members benefit from the finest culinary and drink experiences. KIBC member benefits in each event from food platters to full a la carte menu. The bar has a distinctive selection of wines, beers and signature cocktails. KIBC in partnership with Klaipeda’s Radisson Blu hotel offers an excellent place to network and relax.  

Expat support:  When you move to a new country, there are so many challenges to face that even the strongest hearten person often feels overwhelmed. Whilst still getting used to understand local culture and language, perhaps you will need to do basic things like open a bank account, understand how local services are conducted or even set up a new business. In other words, you will need to connect. Consequently, it could be of help to meet others who understand your situation and share common interests.