2015 March Bowling

Our first Bowling Tournament of 2015 took place!!!

On the 24th of March, KIBC held its First Annual Bowling Tournament at the Honolulu Bowling Club in the Klaipeda Hotel. Fun and frolic was enjoyed by all!  Everyone shared a time of good cheer and camaraderie. While bowling we had the opportunity to have a beer (or tea, as it were) and discuss many and varied topics. Not everyone bowled perfectly, but the lack of skill did not keep us from enjoying good company and a friendly atmosphere! The participants helped and taught each other to bowl, as well.

The title of “Top Bowler” was hotly contested between the local favorite Vytautas “The Hammer” Pranusis, Viceroy of Vikral, and Jekabs “The Magnificent” Bikis, Champion of LCC. In a see-saw battle the two leaders kept the crowd on their feet. In the end The Hammer was victorious, but only by a few pins. The Magnificent has vowed there will be a rematch!

We congratulate them both for their competitive spirit, generosity and patience while teaching the rest of us…

The competition was truly International. Lithuania, Latvia, the US and France were all represented, although those with exceptional skills were definitely Baltic Natives!

If you were unable to attend, we hope to see you at our next event. We cannot promise World Class Skills, but we CAN promise a wonderful time!