2015 Summer Barbeque


On July 3rd KIBC Members and their Families came together to spend a wonderful time enjoying the 3rd Annual KIBC Summer BBQ on the Radisson Blu Terrace.

The weather and mood of the participants were more than warm. The Radisson Blu staff offered very exciting and delicious food. Starting with a glass of Antonio Prosecco the KIBC Members moved to tasty snacks and delicious main courses. In a friendly atmosphere and with tasty food, they had long conversations about family, business, their lives and KIBC till 1.00 a.m. the next day!

Many Nations were represented, such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, the US and Uzbekistan. It was a truly International Celebration of Summer! The children had fun playing with each other, as well as coloring and trying to “dodge” the camera and our photographer, but Dirk was able to keep up and capture many fantastic shots. Everyone had a most Pleasant and memorable experience!

We hope you will join us in the future!

KIBC – Networking for your Benefit!


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