Irish Retro Evening April 2015

April 2015On April 24th KIBC members and friends came together to spend some relaxing time in the Nese Irish Spirit Pub.
A cold spring evening outside did not freeze the warm atmosphere in our company. Participants were chatting, discussing, joking and laughing. They shared experiences from their personal and Club lives and gave ideas about the Club’s activities. There were representatives from Sweden, France, Germany, Lithuania and the U.S.
The most important part of the evening was enjoying good company while drinking a beer. The bar offers a
wide assortment of beers from around the world. Most popular was an imported dark German beer.
For those unable to attend and those that were able to share with us, we wish more good times, happiness
and many opportunities to spend time together! We hope you will join us in the future!
KIBC – Networking for your Benefit!